Contest: Question #3

Here we go...

The Prize: iPod Touch
The Game: Answer 5 sets of questions correctly (you can find all of the answers on
The Deadline: Friday, May 29, Midnight (24:00 New York Time)

This week Katia from Mexico is featured on interviews #975 and #976. How many total interviews has she done for elllo? (you don't have to count mixers, games, etc. - just the interviews.)

That was only question #3. DON'T e-mail your answers until you have finished ALL FIVE QUESTIONS. Check back soon for the final 2 questions.

All entries with all 5 questions correct will be entered into a drawing (I'll put all of the names in a hat and pick ONE lucky winner.

If you want to see question #1 again, Click here.

If you don't understand how to play, please click on the link below that says QUESTIONS...

Good luck!

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