In the Sun, But Out of the Ordinary

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Hi, this is Tee from Vietnam and this is for
Our topic today is: what do you think about sunbathing?
Sunbathing? What do I think? Well, I live in Vietnam and in Vietnam we have a lot of sun.
So actually you do not have to go sunbathing to be sunbathing.

And, I have a story to tell you. This vacation we went to the beaches of Nha Trang in the south of Vietnam. And my boyfriend and I were among the only people to be sunbathing at the height of noon. So the people there, they didn't think that we were Vietnamese -- they thought we were foreigners. So basically in Vietnam we try to avoid the sun, not to bathe in the sun.

How about you? You must have different ideas. How about your countries?
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Thank God It's Friday

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The Dark Side of Tanning

Tanning is when your skin gets brown from being in the sun. In the US, if you are tan, people often think that you look healthy. Is tanning popular in your country?

Australia is famous for sunny outdoor activities like scuba diving, surfing, and barbecues but skin cancer is a growing concern. Here is a public announcement warning of the danger.

1. "Tanning is skin cells in trauma". What do you think trauma means?

2. Why doesn't cutting the cancer out always solve the problem?

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Tanning is skin cells in trauma trying to protect themselves from cancer but one damaged cell can start a melonoma growing. And just one milimetre deep it can get into your bloodstream and spread. So even if a melonoma is cut out the cancer can reappear months or years later, often in your lung, liver, or brain. And you haven't even started to burn yet.

1. "Tanning is skin cells in trauma. What do you think trauma means?
Trauma is an injury or damage to something in your body.

2. Why doesn't cutting the cancer out always solve the problem?
It can travel in your blood and affect another part of the body.
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Do you think you could survive the Australian Outback?

Rebecca talks about drought and the intense sun in Australia this week. Here is the opening sequence of a reality show filmed in Australia that was extremely popular in the US.

The first time you listen try to answer these questions about the main idea?
1) Where are the people on the plane from?
2) What will they have to do after they land?
3) What happens if they not able to adapt?
4) What does the winner get?

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We're onboard a 38th Squadron CaribouDHC-4 military aircraft on loan from the Royal Australian Air Force. Normally these planes are used to rescue people in dangerous life-threatening situations, but today however, we have a different mission: these 16 Americans are about to be abandoned. This plane will land in the heart of one of the most unforgiving places anywhere on earth, the Australian Outback. For the next 42 days, they'll be left to fend for themselves. Or, work (?) together to create a new society while battling the elements and each other. They must learn to adapt or they'll be voted from the tribe. In the end, one will remain and will claim the million dollar prize.

42 days, 16 people, 1 survivor.

1) How many people are on the plane and where are they from?
There are 16 Americans.
2) What will they have to do after they land?
-"They'll be left to fend for themselves."
-"Create a new society while battling the elements and each other."
-"They must learn to adapt."
In other words, they will have to survive in nature.
3) What happens if they not able to adapt?
-"They will be voted from the tribe"
Every week members of the group choose one person that should LEAVE.
4) What does the winner get?
A million dollars.
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Don't be shy.

Although we haven't promoted this blog on ELLLO yet because it's still in the experimental stage, I have been looking at the statistics and there are hundreds of people who have been consistently looking at it. So where are your comments, questions, suggestions, and links? Do you want to know what some of the words in transcripts mean? Do you have a suggestion for a video you would like to see posted? Do you have an idea for a classroom activity? Do you have a picture of your class? A view from your window? Share the wealth! If you don't want to post directly to the blog, send an e-mail to

I know you're out there. Speak up.

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Surf Lesson

This week on ELLLO, Rebecca talks about life in Australia: the ocean and being in the sun. A favorite sunny ocean sport of many Australians is surfing. Here's a girl from California getting her first surf lesson.

She speaks fast so the first time you listen just try to understand the main idea. Then click below and read the text so you when you listen again you can hear each word.

Hey everyone, welcome to Mahalo daily, I'm Veronica Belmont and you know, I started working for Mahalo and everyone was like, "Oh, is that a Hawaiian company? Oh, are you going to do a video on how to surf?" I then I realized that I have lived in California for 3 years and I've never been in the Pacific Ocean deeper than my ankle so today friends, I'm gonna get out there and I'm gonna learn how to surf.

Alright, I boogie boarded as a kid, I can do this. Let's go. They don't look that big. This'll be great.

Have you ever done this before?
You're gonna need some help.
Thanks, this is Even Kinkel and you're gonna teach me how to surf?
We're gonna try.
Alright, well it's better than nothing, let's go.

So which is even the front of the board, for starters.
Ok, well the front of the board is called the nose and the back of the board is called the tail.
Um, so how do I paddle out?
Well, when you are paddling out you want to get in the middle of the board -- every board has a sweet spot. You don't want to be too far up because you'll sink the nose. You don't want to be too far back because you won't be able to, right here.

Ok. So like this and like that.
...doggie paddle

Alright, so now that I figured out how to paddle, how do you stand up?
Well, when you turn around and you catch the wave that you want. The first thing that you're going to need to know is if you are a goofy(strange) foot or a regular foot.
My feet are pretty goofy.
I'm a goofy foot myself but maybe take one step forward on your most strong foot. There you go. So it looks like you are regular foot.
If you put your left foot forward first you are a regular foot?

So how do I actually get up.? Does it just take a lot of practice before...
It's kind of like a push-up. Why don't you lay on the board and we'll give it a shot.

So I'm paddling, paddling, paddling...

Yep, and then one push-up. Then bring the knee forward that you were going to stand up on and then just get up the rest of the way.
So just kind of go like that? And then I'm surfing, man!
That's pretty much it.

So what's all this crud all over your surfboard?
Well, Veronica, after you graduate from the longboard, you're going to move on to a short board. So you're gonna have to learn how to wax it.
Ok. So this just built up wax from a lot of other uses?
Yeah, basically.
And why do you wax it?
It just traction for when you stand up on the board.
So it keeps your feet from slipping off when your surfing?

So what are we waiting for?
For the perfect wave to slide on.

So this is the leash, right?
Yes it is. This is important, so when you fall, your board is going to be close to you.
Yeah, so does it matter which foot I put it on?
Yeah, definitely, so stand facing the front of the board again. So we're gonna put it right here on your back foot. There you go, you're ready.
Alright, I think we're ready to give it a shot. (ready to try)
Let's do it.

Why are these things so heavy? Let's go.

So as you can see, I'm not exactly Kelly Slater or anything, I mean, I got up on my knees which was a good start. You know, I think the water here is pretty cold and it's kind of...the waves aren't that great, I think maybe if they send me to Hawaii I may do a little bit of a better job with the whole surfing instruction. Yeah, Hawaii. I'm Veronica Belmont, I'll see you next time.
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