ELLLO Worksheets: Introduction

If you are a regular user of ELLLO, you have probably noticed that there is now a set of worksheets for every new interview. Since ELLLO is popular in every corner of the globe, our intention is to make the worksheets relevant in a wide variety of teaching contexts and English language levels. This is why some activities, like the summary page and the writing page for example, are left open-ended without any specific directions so that teachers can have some flexibility with how they choose to carry out the lesson. One of the purposes of this blog is have a tool for communicating some of the ways that I use the worksheets in my classroom and as a forum for you to share your ideas as well.

Since this is the first post, I should probably introduce myself briefly. I'm Joel Carda. I've been making hills on ELLLO in the shadow of Todd Beuckens's mountains since the beginning of the project. I've given Todd a hand (sometimes just a finger) on many parts of the site and I currently have two hands involved in writing the worksheets. I will also be hosting the podcast which we plan to launch this month.

In the next post, I'll provide a detailed description of some of the ways you might use the worksheets in your classes. Read more!