The NEW Contest: Question #1

Here we go...

The Prize: iPod Touch
The Game: Answer 5 sets of questions correctly (you can find all of the answers on
The Deadline: Friday, May 26, Midnight (24:00 New York Time)

Last week, in the STeP section of elllo, there was a story about the Chinese NBA basketball player Yao Ming.

This question has three parts...

1a. What do the letters "STeP" stand for?
1b. STeP was designed to help you practice for what?
1c. How did Yao Ming use to feel about talking to reporters?

This is just question number one. DON'T send your answers until you have completed ALL FIVE QUESTIONS. Check back very soon for question number two.

If you don't understand how to play, please click on the link below that says QUESTIONS...

Good luck!

This is the end of the post. Don't click "read more".


patience navasero said...

HI! i'd like to know how to join. where do we send our answers? thanks and god bless! said...

After you have all 5 answers, you can send them to

I'll be posting question #2 soon so keep checking back often.

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