Contest Update

So far, only two people have sent me the correct answers so you still have a very good chance to win. Send your answers to me soon.

I just realized that the STeP question about Yao Ming (Question #1 about the Chinese basketball player) doesn't have a link to it anymore. We'll get the link back up as soon as we can...and I'll give you an extra day to get your answers in. Send your answers to before Sunday morning 10:00 am (May 31st, New York time).

If you have questions, e-mail me or post your question below.

Good luck!


vesna said...


I just found your wonderful site- it's really amazing! I would like to participate in contest but realy don't understand what is STep part and where should I start looking for the answers! Any tip?
warmest regards, Vesna from Croatia said...


Thanks for you compliments, but I can't give you anymore hints on this question. I think after you click around a little bit, you'll discover that the answer is pretty easy to find.