Contest: Questions 1-5

You can start sending your answers now. I will put everyone's name in a hat who sends me the correct answers to all five questions before MIdnight (24:00 New York Time) on Friday, May 29th. You don't have to be the first person to send your answers to win. On Sunday, May 31st, I will record a short video where I will pull one name from the hat to decide the lucky winner of the iPod shuffle.

Here are all five questions:

In the STeP section of elllo, there was a story about the Chinese NBA basketball player Yao Ming.

This question has three parts...

1a. What do the letters "STeP" stand for?
1b. STeP was designed to help you practice for what?
1c. How did Yao Ming use to feel about talking to reporters?

In Game #50, there are only two patients (out of six) who don't have to _________ _____ __ ___________ ?

Katia from Mexico is featured on interviews #975 and #976. How many total interviews has she done for elllo? (you don't have to count mixers, games, etc. - just the interviews.)

ELLLO has a new video player. If you want to see the text while you watch, which button do you have to click?

Todd explains that the listening games are not _____________, but they should be ________.

BONUS!! If you record a response to the question "How do you stay in shape" here and send all 5 correct answers, I will put your name in the hat two times and double your chance to win. You will have to register with Voice Thread (it's free) to be able to record yourself. Don't forget to say your name so I know to include you.

Send your answers with your name to

If you have questions about how to play, please click "question" below and ask your question.

Good luck!

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