In the Sun, But Out of the Ordinary

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Hi, this is Tee from Vietnam and this is for
Our topic today is: what do you think about sunbathing?
Sunbathing? What do I think? Well, I live in Vietnam and in Vietnam we have a lot of sun.
So actually you do not have to go sunbathing to be sunbathing.

And, I have a story to tell you. This vacation we went to the beaches of Nha Trang in the south of Vietnam. And my boyfriend and I were among the only people to be sunbathing at the height of noon. So the people there, they didn't think that we were Vietnamese -- they thought we were foreigners. So basically in Vietnam we try to avoid the sun, not to bathe in the sun.

How about you? You must have different ideas. How about your countries?

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