Pumping Iron

In case you haven't seen it yet, this week's ELLLO content features an article about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Click here to see it.

And here is a clip from one of his early movies that launched him into the spotlight:
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Ok Lou. No, no. Listen, when you come out here and you are out here, alright, they're all waiting for you, they want to see what you've got, they've never seen you before. You tense your legs, right?
You look at the crowd, they are all looking at you Lou, flash bulbs are going to go off and everything. Then you put your arms like this - you look at your arms, like you are admiring, right? You are admiring what you are going to show them and then you go, "Boom!" Like you are saying, "take a look at this hunk of man." Ok? You try it.

Look up, that's right. That's it. No, no, down here Lou. I told you, look at your arms. Both arms. That's it. 'At a boy! Now hold that pose because remember, your arms are bigger than Arnold's and they want to see them, right? These people have never seen your arms before - they have seen Arnold's. So hold that pose awhile and I say in this pose, just tilt your body a little because there's people on this side of the theatre and this side of the theatre. They want to see you. So just tilt your body just slightly like this, right? Try that Lou. 'At a boy.

You have to do everything possible to win, you know, no matter what. At the day of the contest if he comes in his best shape and he is equally as good as I am of if, let's say, he's a few percent better than I am. I spend together with him one night. I go downstairs and I book us together in a room, you know, to "help him" for tomorrow to "help him for tomorrow's contest". And that night, he will never forget. I will mix him up. He will come so ready to South Africa, so strong, but by the time the night is over, the next morning, he will be ready to lose. I mean I will just talk him into that. It's no problem to do, you know. And so all those things, you know, are available. So if they are available you might as well use them. That's why it doesn't matter if he comes in shape or out of shape. If he comes out of shape then it's less hassle for me, you know. And if he's in shape...fine. I hope he is.

But you couldn't pull this with Franco, could you? Franco is pretty smart.

Franco is pretty smart, but Franco is a child. And when it comes to the day of the contest, I am his father. He comes to me for advice so it's not that hard for me to give him the wrong advice.

Prothais South Africa - Probably in an hour or two we have a chance to see our room.

Can I just ask you one question that usually we ask. What was...must your...special woman look like and your favorite...?

It really doesn't matter, you know, I like them with black hair, with brown hair, with red hair, with big breasts, with little breasts, big ass, little ass, you know, if the personality is great and if they are charming...

I can't wait to get out in the sun. Look at that sun out there.

We ordered it for you.

Watch out now Lou. Get ready. Holy cow! Hold them up. 'At a boy Lou. That's a good shot. Tense your muscles Louie. Pull in your stomach.

Sometimes people ask you advice, if you think they are being arrogant or misusing the sport of bodybuilding, you give them kind of pranksterish advice and that once happened in a Mr. Munich contest I believe?

I think it was 8 years ago. Some fella came to me in the gym and said, "I want to win Mr. Munich, you know, and I am a perfect poser and I have a fantastic body and I just want to learn a new posing routine, something way out, which nobody expects." So I said, "Well let me see the posing routine you have right now." Well when the guy took his clothes off and posed for me, he looked like nothing number one, and his posing was bad so I mean I think he was just crazy, you know? So I thought, well ok, if he thinks that he is the best poser I'm going to pull a little trick on him. And so that's what I did. I told him, I said, "Listen, I have a new posing routine from America," I said, "I have correspondence with all the top athletes in America and so on." And I told him that the new thing is that he has to scream while he is posing." And he looked and me and he says, "Wow! That's a new idea." He says, "They will really come out impressive when you go out on stage and you scream, people can't miss you. They will look at screaming, you know, that's it." So I taught him how to scream. At first, you know, I was with him, I oiled him up, with really heavy oil and everything. So I was standing there in the shower room and I taught him how to do it, you know, the higher your arms go up, the higher you make a screaming noise. The lower your arms come down when you are posing, the lower your voice, like, "Ahhh! Ohhh!" You know, this kind of a thing. Well, I practiced with him for around two hours - spent of lot of time on developing his new posing routine. He mastered it very well. He was screaming really loud and, you know, high and low. And he went to the Mr. Munich contest. And I told him when he walks out he has to scream loud too, you know, run out, "Ahhh!" And so he did and obviously people weren't ready for that at all. You know, so he went out there, he screamed loudly, went through three or four poses with some loud screaming and they carried him off the stage. They threw him out. They thought the guy was totally nuts.

I'm shaking really but I think when I get there I'll forget about it.

When I get there, I'll be even more nervous.

I'm not nervous at all. Thank you. Jesus Christ.

Take it easy Arnie.

What can I say? You guys are psyching me out here early in the morning.

We're trying to calm you down. Lay down in the bus in the back.

Hey Lou. Is this the master plan here this morning?

Be on guard.

Hey, I'm here now for six days and nobody invited me for breakfast. This morning they say, "Come for breakfast with us Arnold. Come. Have nice breakfast." He's talking about pumping up, he's talking about psyching me out. She's talking about my mother.

You're the king of kings Arnold.

He's rubbing it in. How are you doing Lou? How are you doing?


You look kind of (????) today?

I'm a little tired - trying to wake up.

They don't come nicer than you Arnold.

I'm a nice guy.

I wouldn't turn my back on you within 500 yards.

He doesn't trust me, why is that?

...early on so we could relax and enjoy the country.

Oh, we should have it in a month for him. He not even in shape yet. I mean, he didn't get the timing right I'm telling you. A month from now would have been perfect for you. But then I get bigger too so you know...What the hell, let's get it over with and if you retire this year, you just never head to Olympia or you head twice to Mr. Universe, what the hell.

That's amazing, can you imagine the feeling I have. Six times Mr. Olympia.

You could go on forever.

It blows my mind when I think about it. I called my mother yesterday already and I said, "I won." She said, "Congratulations Arnold." Why don't we go and you go help him pump up.

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