Buy Fair Trade

Here's what I learned last week about chocolate:

1. The majority of us eat chocolate at least once a week.
2. The chocolate industry is one of the biggest in the world.
3. Most people don't know how chocolate is made.
4. West African cacao farmers often employ children, pay them very little, and they work in dangerous conditions.
5. Buying Fair Trade chocolate ensures that farmers receive fair prices, workers are paid fair wages, environmental standards are followed, communities are developed, and long-term farming (rather than short-term) strategies are applied.
6. Dark chocolate is the only chocolate that has health benefits.
7. Here are some Fair Trade Chocolate and locations where they can be bought: Ah!laska: Online, Whole Foods, Henry's/Wild Oats
Amano: Madagascar, Venezuela Online
Art Bars (Ithaca Fine Chocolates'): Online
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry's, Chocolate: most grocery stores
Camino Cocoa: Dominican Republic Online
Chuao Bonbons: Chuao region of Venezuela Online, Whole Foods, San Diego Locations
Clif Bar: Most grocery and health food stores.
Cloud Nine: Central Mexico Online, Whole Foods, Henry's/Wild Oats
Coffee-Tea-Etc.: Dominican Republic Online
Country Choice: Online, Whole Foods
Dagoba: Latin America, Carribean Online, Whole Foods
Deans Beans: Costa Rica Online, Whole Foods, List
Divine Bars: Ghana Online, U.K. Stores
Domori: Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Venezuela, Madagascar Online
El Rey: Venezuela Online
Endangered Species: West Africa, South America Online, Whole Foods
Equal Exchange: Central and South America, Mexico Online, Whole Foods
Green and Black's: Dominican Republic, Belize Online, Whole Foods
Health by Chocolate: Online, Whole Foods
Lake Champlain: Whole Foods
Larabar: Online, Store Locator
Malagasy: Madagascar Online
Max Havelaar: Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Peru Stores all around Europe
Mayordomo: Tabasco and Chiapas, Mexico Online, Whole Foods
Newman's Own Organics: Costa Rica Online, Whole Foods, Henry's/Wild Oats
Nirvana Chocolates: Online
Omanahene: Ghana Online
Pamela's Products: Amazon, Whole Foods, Henry's/Wild Oats
Rapunzel: Bolivia, Dominican Republic Online, Whole Foods, Henry's/Wild Oats
Raw Revolution: Raw Revolution Online Store Amazon Grocery
San Francisco Chocolate Factory: Online
Santa Cruz: Whole Foods, Henry's/Wild Oats
Scharffen Berger: Cote d'Ivoire Online, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's
Shaman Chocolates: Online, Whole Foods
Sojourn: Dominican Republic or Costa Rica Seattle Shop
Sunspire: Central and South America Online, Whole Foods, Henry's/Wild Oats
Sweet Earth Chocolates: Dominican Republic, Costa Rica Online
Terra Nostra Organic: Central and South America, Carribean Whole Foods
Tony's Chocolonely Slave-Free Chocolate: Netherlands, Online
Trader Joe's Fair Trade Cocoa: Trader Joe's
Yachana Gourmet "Jungle Chocolate": Equador Online, List


Anonymous said...

A lot of these companies listed here are, in fact, not fair trade certified or have only 1 or 2 of their bars certified... Not to say they are all bad, but ultimately to know you are eating a "clean" chocolate look for the fair trade label. If you see the label, you know its certified

Michael said...

Dagoba is not a Fair Trade chocolate...peace said...

There are some other organizations, like Equal Exchange, that perform a role similar to that of Fair Trade. I don't know how reputable these other organizations are. After seeing Michael's post, I went to Dagoba's homepage and their chocolates are listed as Fair Trade certified:

I'm definitely not an expert on this, can you elaborate Micheal? said...

Could it be that only some, but not all, of Dagoba's chocolates are Fair Trade Certified?

Anonymous said...

I like chocolates