Get in Shape with the "Wii Fit" (Part 1) - PLEASE COMMENT BELOW

This is a real video game controller that I believe is now available.

Would you pay $300 to get in shape like this?

Click below where it says comments and write your opinion. Once 10 people have responded I'll post another video, based on this video that will definitely make you laugh. But I need your opinions first - the effect will be much better.

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Anonymous said...

It looks fun and it is definitly better for health than sitting on the sofa playing Mario bros.

Anonymous said...

$300 seems like a lot of money but it can cost that much to join a gym and a lot of people quit after 1-2 months. If the games get you hooked then I think it's a good deal but those games don't look so fun to me. If they had some kind of fighting game it might be good.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like the real thing. It is much better to go out of your house and run, walk or jump. on the other hand, everything is good in order to motivate people to get into sports or physical activities.This seems to be a good idea to have some fun on a rainy day. Definetely the technology is giving us new tools to do things easier.