Lesson Idea: Tourism in Peru

"There is only one place on earth that has it all.

Only one country has everything the planet has to offer: all the microclimates, all the regions, every type of animal, they are all here in Peru.

Like a giant catalogue Peru can show the best of its coastline, its highlands, and its jungle. Rivers, lakes, mountains, canyons, dances, customs, the food, drinks, rituals, cultures, historic ruins shrouded in magic. From pacific beaches up to the snow line, from the Sechura desert to the Andes, from flamingos to llamas, from Baracas to Lake Titicaca, from the Marinera dance to the Alcatraz, from dishes like "Ceviche" to "Aji de Gallina", from "Chicha de Jora" maize (corn)) beer to distilled Pisco, from Alga Rubina Carob Honey to the Ayauasca vine, from the lord of Cepan to Machu Picchu you can find everything, absolutely everything, in the same place.

Peru, a multicultural nation. Peru, the world's catalogue."

Lesson Idea:
Follow a format similar to this video to write a script that highlights the attractions in your country or city:
1. Climate and geography
2. Culture: art, music, dance, language, etc.
3. Food and drinks
4. Wildlife
5. Famous historical sites

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