The Hottest Dance Ever Invented

An Afro-Peruvian dance where the partners light each others' behinds on fire. They have to shake their hips fast or else they will get burned!

Did you know that there is a large population of people from African descent in Peru?:

Afro Peruvians are citizens of Peru, descended from African slaves who were brought to the New World with the arrival of the conquistadors towards the end of the slave trade. According to the Inter-American Dialogue Race Report, January 2003, about 5% of the population of Peru is of African descent, others like the author/investigator, José Carlos Luciano Huapaya in his book, Los Afroperuanos, claims 10% to 15% of the population.

The only reason I knew this was because when I started learning Spanish I fell in love with this CD: acoustic guitars as you have never heard them before along with African percussion. It may change your life. It changed mine.

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