The people have spoken

The results of the elllo survey are in.

Some highlights:

I was amazed to see that 1,340 people responded to the survey. 76.4% of said you would like to have an elllo podcast and now you do.

The interviews are definitely the most popular activity at 61.3%. In second and third are the Listening Games (42%) and The Mixer (38%).

A majority of people (66%) felt that the level of difficulty was just right but 20% find it to be too easy. All of the ELLLO interviews are unscripted natural speech (in other words, we don't write down what we are going to say and then record it) so the level of difficult is exactly the same as what you would find in any English speaking country. However, you would hear a higher level of vocabulary on a university campus or on the news and we are already developing activities with a more academic focus that you will see soon on elllo. For a news oriented site made for ESL/EFL students, check out our friend Sean Banville's site, Breaking News English.

36% of you use elllo everyday. This is exactly what he had hoped for. One of the best ways to learn English is to keep at it, a little bit everyday, for a long time.

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