What are you going to do this weekend?

I made a new voice thread. Don't be shy, let me hear your voice and practice your output here! If you want to write just to warm up, post your comments where it says "questions" below.

This is the end of the post.


Xebeche said...

No excuse anymore for not speaking! LOL

Thank you so much for these facilities!

audrey said...

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Anonymous said...

hi there
as i live in a palce that the weather is very hot in the summer time ,me and my family just can go to closed area like shopping malls.
it,s not so fun for me ,because i really like to be in natures like mountains,rivers ,lakes,going to biking ,doing sports in fresh air,...ahh,just i can dream aboue that ,any way i hope at least you have more options than me.good time to everyone.bye