TOEFL TV: Practicing for the Speaking Test

The activities she suggests are almost exactly what I created on the voice thread. You can see it here. The scoring system that she mentions can be seen here. It's kind of hard to understand, but here is basically what you should be trying to do:

1. Your speech should flow (continue without stopping). Short pauses are ok. Pronunciation errors are ok if we can still understand you.
2. Vocabulary and grammar errors are ok if we can still understand what you are talking about. You should use a variety of sentence patterns. For example, instead of saying, "I like cats. I like dogs. I like fish." You should say, "I like cats, but I also like dogs. I kind of like fish because they are easy to take care of. However, they aren't so fun to touch."
3. You should stay on topic. In other words, if they ask you about your hobbies, don't talk about your work.

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