Win a new iPod Shuffle!!!

The contest ended May 1, but I'll be starting a new one very soon...

It's true!!! I will personally send a brand new 4GB iPod Shuffle to the first person to correctly identify the NAME and COUNTRY of each speaker in this series of 20 audio clips.

Hint: All of the audio samples can be found on the main elllo website anywhere between the first interview that Todd ever uploaded all the way up to the most recent ones (#1-#964).

Start listening NOW before someone else finds them before you and wins the new iPod Shuffle that could be YOURS!

Send your answers to in this format:
1. Name, Country
2. Name, Country
3. Name, Country
4. Name, Country
5. Name, Country
6. Name, Country
7. Name, Country
8. Name, Country
9. Name, Country
10. Name, Country
11. Name, Country
12. Name, Country
13. Name, Country
14. Name, Country
15. Name, Country
16. Name, Country
17. Name, Country
18. Name, Country
19. Name, Country
20. Name, Country

I will announce the winner on this blog at the beginning of next month (May 3rd). If no one has found all of them by then I will give you some hints, but we have thousands of regular elllo users, so I expect the competition to be fierce! HURRY!!!

If you have any questions, please click on the link below that says, "Questions".


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Cris said...

That is so cool!!!
I'm in! :-)

Thanks Joel for this wonderful contest!

Hugs from Brazil

Anonymous said...

It's look easy, but it's very difficult and need time to play again from the first dialogue :)

Anonymous said...

How can I win an iPhone?

hannabelle said...

Thanks for all your help!

Hanna from Toronto

ELLLO Todd said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

An iPhone would be a great prize and actually in the US, the 8GB ones only cost $200. The problem is that the service plans are different in each country. I wouldn't want to send you an iPhone that didn't work. :-(