How to Train Your Man to Do Housework

Interviews #957 and #958 about housework are here.

Welcome to Love U. This is like no other university you have been to. You'll actually like the homework. Today's lesson is How to Train Your Man.

Ok so, I know we are supposed to accept people for who they are, but what if you are just trying to turn your man into the best person he can be. Well, that a winning situation and if that just happens to mean turning him into the best person he can be for you, well then my friend that is a win-win situation.

The first step to creating your perfect man: Positive Reinforcement. Everyone likes a pat on the back, so just like you would give your dog a treat, when your man does something good, stroke his ego and watch that behavior replicate.

"Honey, did you just put a sock in the laundry? Way to go!"

"Baby? I'm doing the other one right now. Honey?"

The next step to molding your perfect mate: Manipulate His Environment
Make sure that your man is hanging out with married men. Husbands are pre-trained and they should serve as positive role models.

"Dude, I love the color you guys painted the bathroom."

"Thanks. Carol chose it. It's got a real flair. Hey, you did put the seat down when you were in there, right?"

"Uh, I don't know. Maybe?"


"Oh good God!"

"Must put seat down! Must put seat down!"

STEP #3:
Now what if you simply don't have the patience to train your man over time? Try setting up an Incentive Program. Every time your man does something that you ask, give him a reward. The only difficult thing is figuring out which reward works best.

"Honey, do you think you can clean out the garage today?"

"I don't think I'll have time today babe."

"I'm on it."

"Honey, do you think you can fix the garbage disposal?"

"Can't babe, the game is about to start."

"I'm on it."


"Whatever it is...yes!"

Well that's it for this edition of Love U. Hopefully we've outlined a behavior modification program that you can use in your everyday life. Soon your man will be perfectly trained and my mission will have been accomplished. I'm Tiffany Smith and thank your for enrolling in Love U.

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