This one is pretty easy to understand: it's when everyone starts screaming!

Hi my name is Kenny Sailors. I'm here on and I'm here to teach you how to understand the great game of American football.

Ok, we're going to talk about touchdowns. A touchdown is worth 6 points. It is scored when a players runs the ball or catches a pass in the opponents endzone. Now the team has a choice--once they make a touchdown--they have a choice to either go for a point after touchdown, also known as a PAT. This is good for 1 point extra on top of your touchdown. So they have that option to do that. What happens is the ball is placed on the 2-yard line, very near the goal, and what they do is they have the opportunity to bring their special unit out to kick the ball through the uprights to make a field goal for that one extra point. If they would like to go for a 2-point conversion instead of getting this measly 1 point. If they want to go for 2 points to make that an 8 score for this one play, then they can get the ball and they will get a chance to run one more play. And they will attempt to run that play into the endzone and if they make it successfully by either rushing or passing the ball, just a regular play, then they get 2 extra points. They will get 2 extra points for doing that though these are basically the conversion points at the end of a game. You have a touchdown for 6, you get the PAT or the Point After Touchdown, or the 2 point conversion - those are your options after making an actual touchdown.

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