Basic Overview of What to Watch

The first part of this video is just music and highlights, but be patient, there is a good explanation of the basics of American football (from a European) after about 30 seconds.


Welcome to, Introduction to American Football. Have you ever watched a game of Foot US on TV and didn't understand anything? I will show you how to follow a game. Are you ready? Here we go.


The action always starts this way. Ok, first let's find the ball. Here it is. Now that we know where the ball is...where to look to see action? I offer you to see this constant fight of the linemen--the ones of the attack and the ones of the defense. Look carefully how the ones of the defense try to get through. And the ones of the offense trying to protect their team mates.
Now that was for the linemen. Now let's look at the fight between the linebackers and the running backs during the running plays. Let's watch this play again in order to see how important every player in the team is. Here they help the ball carrier in his progression.

We saw the fight of the linemen, the collisions between running backs and linebackers, but we still have one more thing to see during an American Football game, the pass plays. This is the moment of the quarterbacks, the receivers, and the defensive backs. The pass play is very risky but can get the team great dividends.

This is an example of a great dividend. It is a touchdown, it will be 6 points for the white team.

And this is the risk. The white team will lose possession of the ball. Interception for the dark team.

Alright, now you have something to look for next time you watch a game.

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