Matthew Gray Explains Modern Hawaiian Food:

Most people on the islands pronounce it Pokey, but it's pronounced Poke (rhymes with Okay). Otherwise it would be spelled Poki in Hawaiian. Anyway, it's usually made with ahi (the Hawaiian word for yellowfin tuna), basically it's a raw fish salad, usually flavored with soy sauce, sesame oil, kukui nut, and seaweed. Now, before you go "Yuck!" lots of cultures eat raw fish, especially Asian cultures. The Japanese love sushi and sashimi, and of course many people eat lox (which technically isn't raw, it's smoked), and the Scandinavians eat something called gravlax (which is salt-cured salmon). Ceviche is Peruvian in origin and is basically a raw fish dish; Hoe is Korean sashimi; I'm sure there are many others. Point is; you should give poke a try while visiting Hawaii. There are well over 100 kinds of poke throughout Hawaii.

Is this what "Poke Me" on Facebook means?

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