Dog Training

This is a clip from a show called The Dog Whisperer. He is an expert in dog behavior and training. Too bad it's not this easy to train kids!

Jenny and I have had this discussion that, we're journalists by training, so as a journalist when you are out at a scene you observe and you don't get in the way of things. And with that kind of a personality it is really a challenge for us to step up and impose our will on someone else, including a dog.

So you want us to kind of push back.
It's a bite. You're biting. What is lacking in the relationship is the respect. Respect comes from discipline. The respect comes because you know how to follow through. That's respect.
She's intimidated by you.
Not intimidated, submissive.
But you do have to dominate. Dominating in the animal world is healthy. That's how they keep things balanced.
Look at this, she just laid an egg. He scared an egg out of her.
Oh, I'm the daddy.
Oh, it's warm. You're the daddy. You want that egg, Cesar. That's for you.
Oh my god.
That's a Pennsylvania egg.
That's amazing!
Thank you.
You even get our chickens to lay eggs.
We harvest eggs almost every day from them so...
That is funny. Unbelievable.

Look at Gracie sniffing her now. That's wonderful.
We want that.

And I want the sound, "Shhh!" The more of the sound...
No, you can't have the egg.
No, she can't even touch the egg either.
Anything that has belonged to the chicken, she can't touch.

See now, what I like now, even though she is pacing, she is breathing not obsessively. And that is part of like, ok, I've never done this, but it feels better not to be obsessing.

When he had Gracie sniffing the chicken's claws, I mean, I was really flabbergasted. I did not think that that was possible. And he did it within about a 3 minute window.

With tomorrow's breakfast safely chilling in the Grogan's refrigerator, Cesar bring the chicken and the Grogans back to the original scene of the crime.

Yeah, she started charging.
She's like, "This is my opportunity."
Well it's the sound that triggered. See, she's not thinking, it's just a reaction. There's no knowledge behind instinct, it's all reaction. So that's another exercise that you could do, you could make this sound over and over, "Shh!"

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