Does this Dress Make Me Look Fat?

This week Michael talks about Basic Training for the army. Here's Basic Gender Training for saying the right thing on a date.

Do I look fat in this dress?
Huh? Uh, I guess you could lose a couple of pounds.
I mean, it's supposed to fit tight, isn't it?
You men are here to learn!
Isn't this a beautiful flower?
It's very nice?
Wrong answer maggot! Now hit the deck and give me ten!

You are lovely, you are sweet
Those are cute shoes on your feet.

How do you like my perfume?
It's you darling. It's you!

Isnt' this a beautiful flower?
Not as beautiful as you, darling!
Much better.

You haven't mentioned how you like my new hairstyle.
It's beauty stole my breath away, sweetheart.
What a sweet thing to say.