Lending Money to Women

Rated R (Restricted for select audiences):
For strong language and sexual themes

This audio by Chris Rock fits perfectly with the theme this week: "Giving Money". It uses the "F" word which may offend some people but I believe that it is a good example of an a popular American cultural phenomenon (Stand-up Comedy), a sample of African-American slang and dialect, and an interesting visual Mash-up with a Japanese Anime. As a student of English, you need to be able to understand jokes like this, plus all of the "bad words" or else you might be the only one not laughing. If you look at it with those things in mind, it's a very educational video. Most of all, it's just funny.

Never lend money to women! And women never lend money to men! You can not lend money to people you are f#*@ing! 'Cause they think the sex is the payback. I dare any man in here to try and get back some money from some women he slept with. Just attempt it. Just step to it like, "Hey baby, what's up with that $200, you owe me." She'll look at you like, "Excuse me?!! I think I paid you last night. As a matter of fact, you owe me $150. "

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Anonymous said...

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For your information there are seven beautiful countries: El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Panamá and Belize.

Anonymous said...

First, I have never experienced about this subject. But according to me, women and men are acting in big role during lending and loaning process. So, I would just suggest finding common ground among the parties.
Tigin :)