TOEFL TV: Reading Tip

Ok basically when you are taking your TOEFL test, generally in the reading part you take a long time trying to read from top to bottom of the reading. What you need to do is read the last paragraph of the reading and then read the first one. Then read the whole reading and you will see that it is very easy to complete all of the questions. This is anticipation. When you anticipate every single thing that you do in reading, you are creating schema in your brain and you can process the reading faster. This is my experiential learning process. Thank you.

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4nt0n10 said...

Hi, I like your blog and also the Elllo page which I visit regularly. I've been thinking to collaborate with you in a series that could be called "Common errors" focused on Spaniards. I could send you a short mp3 file explaining the mistake that you could use in your page. I think it woould be very useful for Spanish speaking people. Please, tell me what you think about the idea.

Daniel Ressler said...

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