TOEFL TV: "5 Tips for Learning English"

English is my second language and I went through that process. I definitely understand the struggles and the challenges our students face, because I am a teacher/educator. I am also a classroom teacher, teaching students how to learn English so I think the tips that I would like to give to students are...

First, be confident. Really be confident and believe in yourself and practice English trying to use the opportunities to communicate with native speakers, with your classmates, and with people you don't know. In that way, you can really build confidence and have more opportunities to practice.

The second strategy I would tell my students is trying to use the medias - listen to radios, watch TV programs - try to listen to those and train you ears. Once you have a good ear, you are a good listener, you can become a good speaker.

In terms of writing, I would say, start with a writing list - a shopping list and do memos and then go on to academic writings. And also don't be shy to ask your teachers, your instructors to give you feedback and then trying to revisions and then learning from others. And then you will be much, much better in your English skills.

For writing (that I talked about) and for reading, I think, in addition to reading the text books or materials that your instructors give you in the classroom, try to read newspapers. Don't be afraid of newspapers, actually they are fun to read. USA Today is a good one to start with and then maybe start with the weather report and then similar things and then you will enjoy reading. Because we all learn to read by reading.

And also English is the same thing. You are learning English by using English everyday.

Ok, I hope that helps. Thank you.

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