You'll grow into her

Enam talks about arranged marriage in Bangledesh on elllo here. Indian-Canadian comedian Russel Peters talks about them below:

Arranged marriage is a big problem in my community man. I mean, it's not so much of a's a problem if you want it to be a problem. I mean, it's a problem for me, you know.

My parents tried that on me last year, they came up to me and they were mom goes, "Russel, you're getting older now. And you're not married. What if I bring some nice girls home for you?

I go, "Mom, I bring nice girls home all the time. They just leave in the morning, you know. That's a nice girl right there."

She said, "No no, I will pick some girls and you can choose the one you like."

"Look, are you out of your mind?" My mom wanted to pick my wife! I wouldn't let my mom pick my clothes.

Can you imagine my mom walking in with this girl, "I know she's a little big now...but you'll grow into her."

Language Focus:
"You'll grow into her." - Normally, we use this phrase for something like clothing. For example, if a young boy has a shirt that is too big, his mom might say, "Don't worry you'll grow into that shirt." In other words, the boy will get bigger and then the shirt will fit and be just the right size.

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