New Years Resolutions

It's amazing how far some focused goal setting can get you. You may use these questions to help guide your English learning for the year as well as for other goals you have. I have written in some examples to help guide you.

1. What 3 achievements would make you happier?
a. Speak, read, write, or listen to English at least 30 minutes per day.
b. Put myself in situations where I will have to speak English.
c. Make at least 3 new English speaking friends.

2. Why will these achievements make you happier?
a. I know my English will improve a lot if I practice a little bit everyday.
b. Speaking to people is difficult but it is very rewarding.
c. More English! More friends!

Write these down somewhere where you will see them frequently and check your progress and rewrite your goals when you need to. Another way to commit more fully to your goals is to tell someone about it.

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