ELLLO Worksheets: Introduction

If you are a regular user of ELLLO, you have probably noticed that there is now a set of worksheets for every new interview. Since ELLLO is popular in every corner of the globe, our intention is to make the worksheets relevant in a wide variety of teaching contexts and English language levels. This is why some activities, like the summary page and the writing page for example, are left open-ended without any specific directions so that teachers can have some flexibility with how they choose to carry out the lesson. One of the purposes of this blog is have a tool for communicating some of the ways that I use the worksheets in my classroom and as a forum for you to share your ideas as well.

Since this is the first post, I should probably introduce myself briefly. I'm Joel Carda. I've been making hills on ELLLO in the shadow of Todd Beuckens's mountains since the beginning of the project. I've given Todd a hand (sometimes just a finger) on many parts of the site and I currently have two hands involved in writing the worksheets. I will also be hosting the podcast which we plan to launch this month.

In the next post, I'll provide a detailed description of some of the ways you might use the worksheets in your classes.


tedbuk said...


Thanks for getting this up and ready. I will be sure to have it up tomorrow.

mia said...

thanks for this page, my name is marta, i am from columbia, the country, south america, my english is not so good, i am learning but with the elllo page i am learning too much, and i am really enjoying this, in my country is too dificult learn english, because you cant have a conversation with some one and the classes are very expensive, so i study in my home with you. than you very much tom, you are a beautiful person, really.

mia said...

sorry, i make a mistake, you are todd and joel a good teachers, an thanks for all your help.

nessie said...

Since I discovered ELLLO I have been thinking what a useful and enjoyable teaching support it could be.
Well, I used it in class today for the first time and it was as I had imagined : great. Thanks a lot. I'm looking forward to see what is coming next.

nghi said...

Hopefully, there will be alot of interesting lessons which are updately (relate to news, events). Ex: New year festival in Japan, China, Vietnam...etc

vm said...

Many thanks for this page and the ELLlO site which is my French students' favourite link to listen and learn some English!

nagora said...

Hello Joel Carda!

I've known about your valuable for teachers and students resource website from the EVO sessions last year. I was really amazed immensely with the opportunity to listen to the live spoken English. I've been using the material offered by you and staff during my classes, and recommend my students to visit the web site and improve their English skills while listening. That's a good idea of giving explanation of some words right in the script. My students love that very much.
I'd like to thank you a lot and wish the best.

Hugo said...

Thanks very much, this is really a good idea to complemet our learning and teaching.
I have been practicing on this site for many years and with this new feature I´m sure we will get the best of it.

Anonymous said...

I'm Rasool from Iran (My name means "the Messenger" in Arabic and Persian)!
I've been teaching English here in Iran for 6 years. I just wanted to thank everyone in ELLLO. THANK YOU! I appreciate your hard work, perseverance, innovation and effectiveness in making up this helpful website, which I have been using as a resource center for over 2 years!
God Bless You All!

P.S. The new innovation, the PDF worksheets are just WONDERFUL.

Alan Steele said...

Joel and Todd both, Congratulations on your new pdf worksheets. They are a great addition to an already marvelous site. This should really bring you a lot more traffic.
This blog should likewise help bring a lot of new fans to ELLLO and give them a real sense of participating in and contributing to its ongoing development. Thanks you so much,

Mr. Stout said...

Todd told me about this at the JALT conference. This is great. I've used ELLLO stuff before but I'll be able to use even more.
Thanks Joel, and thanks to Todd, my old classmate.