One for All and All for One

Check out this week's interview with Ron who talks about being a triplet. I wonder if Ron, Michael, and Patrick have what it takes to make it in Hollywood like the guys in this video.

Ted, Tom, and Tim are identical triplets who act like one. They took classes for each other in school, they even substituted for each other on dates. It sounds like a sitcom, so it should be no surprise that now they brought their mix and match world to Hollywood. Here's Sharon Reed.

It's actually a fantasy for some women. This guy has what many people say is the hottest beefcake calendar of 1996 and he has all of the qualifications for it: dashing good-looks and a buff bod to match. Meet Ted DiFillipo, and for those women out there who like their men in triplicate, meet Ted's brothers, Tim and Tom.

If you like a left-handed guy that would be myself. If you like a guy who's really serious and says a couple of words and they are powerful words that'd be Tom, and if you like a joker, that'd be Ted.

Yes Tom, Tim, and Ted DiFillipo are identical triplets and yes, they are inseparable, which has had its advantages. For example, in school, "Tom was the best in math so I used to have him take all of my math classes." And also in the world of dating, "Ted had a girlfriend, and I would go to dinner for him, because he wasn't as talkative and he couldn't get the parents to like him as much.

Six months ago these three hermanos were home in Rhode Island, confused about their future until Ted decided there was only one place in the country to market their wares. The young men agreed they had to go West, to Hollywood.

22 agents called within a week's time and said they wanted to see us as soon as possible. But there was a problem: no money to travel to Tinsel Town. So a few neighbors who knew the boys saw a gold mine. Libby Rique decided to invest in the boys future. I expect a big return from those gentlemen. With the money, the triple "T"s took Hollywood by storm, appearing in episodes of 90201, Melrose Place, and Rolanda. But it's their calendar that they are really proud of. We're here to expose that to everyone. The calendar took four months to shoot and pictures the three in some very potent poses. We're all single.

What does the future hold? The brothers three are hoping for a sitcom or an action adventure film, but for now these model musketeers just want to be one for all and all for one. We want to keep the team together, we owe it to each other.

Well the triple Ts agent says they are indeed developing a network sitcom starring themselves but the name "Three's Company" was already taken.

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