Speed Dating with Style at Fast Life International

Jeff and Jonathan talk about speed dating here. Watch the video below to see speed dating in action.

I'm Angie. I'm 26 years old, single, I have a ton of friends, a closet full of clothes, "ta da!", and shoes that's a whole different story, but the one thing I don't have? A man! So I've decided to try speed dating. Wish me luck.

So I'm here at Luck's to try Fast Life's Speed Dating with Style.

Can I have everybody's attention? Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, this is Fast Life's Speed Dating with Style at Luck's Bar in Toronto.

Speed dating is essentially like a cocktail party. There are 20 people that show up -- equal numbers of men and women.

Every five minutes I'm going to ring that gong and that's your cue, gentlemen, to get up and move to the next table. This is your personal match folder. The blue area is for you to write down the names of the people you meet this evening and put a "yes" "no" beside them.

The following day we'll send an e-mail to all the people who received a match and they can take it from there.

There are some definite cuties back there. It's nice to see some tall ones, some dark haired guys. Some tips that I've been given from the people who have been here before are to come up with some creative opening lines, something friendly, talk about traveling, so there are all kind of things that are going on in my brain.

So what do you do for fun? Do you go out and exercise? Bike ride? I work out at the gym a lot with my friends, roller blade, beach volleyball, anything. How about you?

I lied to the police once. You what? Lied to the police...at home. I think it might even be insurance fraud.

Where have you travelled? I've been to England, Norway quite a few times because my parents are from there. You have to ask a question, I've got nothing.

I know, I know, you're killing me now.

Time's up. Nice to meet you.

You're sitting here and you'll have a good question and you just want to ask it and I'm trying to find the Fast Life people so I can see out of the corner of my eye whether or not they're going to gong it.

Ask me a question. Do you have any weird collections?

My icebreaker question is whether or not a guy has a collection. If he can flat out come up with something quirky and great, I figure he's got something to him.

Weird collections? No.

I used to have one. What? I used to collect matches. Matches. Like matches from all around the world.

You know what I do have a collection of? It's not so much strange, but rocks from around the world.

Why? Do you have any weird collections? I collect Trident gum wrappers.

Trident? I used to work for Trident, but I don't have any wrappers.

Oh my god, you worked there. It's a sign!

Do you collect rocks from around Toronto, you know, like ????????

Is that like a childish...childhood thing?
Childish? Was that a Freudian slip?
It was.
Ok, "bong", did you just hear that? It's over, it's over. Oh, next...
It was nice to meet you.

Now I work for a nuclear power plant.
Aren't you worried about what it's doing to you.
Like, what are you doing to me right now just sitting there.

She was nice, very energetic. She seemed intelligent, outgoing. I kind of didn't feel like she maybe asked enough about me.
So you're like, I don't know, kind of sarcastic, does that like get in the way of like...scares guys away.

You're one of those people who just has to be right all the time. You're like my brother. And you could have a book of things that Michael says, and it's never right. It's like it's called bulls**t. It's a bestseller.

Michael and I were kind of like fighting and there was some tension over, you know, viewpoints, but that's passion.

I thought she was completely wrong in everything she said. She made absolutely zero sense and it was completely illogical and it didn't flow. But other than that, it was enjoyable.

You know you've got really nice eyes. So do you. Thank you. I was just thinking that. We're like brother, sister. You're killing me here. And the worst part is, is that it really hurts. It hurts me inside...muffin, pookie.

It's one of the things that I look for in a person. It's the ability to find a pet name, you know, quickly, right up front, right away.

We're at pet names and it's only been three and a half minutes.

I think that this is anything but exhausting, it's almost exhilarating because you meet so many fabulous people. You have a short period of time to do it in and you just fly through it all and that bonging thing is stressful but man is it ever fun.

Ah, ok, there we go. As if you just said there we go like...
I didn't say that. Take that hand away...


Cris said...

That was cool!
We don't have this in Brazil actually, but that's a good idea, as I know plenty of people who would need it... not my case though! :-)

Anonymous said...

very nice i like it a lot.
keek up the good work.

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