I want to be one

"Loretta" seems like he would sympathize with Katia more than Paul.

I do feel Reg that any anti-imperialist group like ours must reflect such a divergence of interests within its power base.

Agreed. Francis?

Yeah, I think Judith's point of view is very valued Reg, provided the movement never forgets that it is the unalienable right of every man (or woman) to rid himself (or herself), agreed, thank you brother (or sister)

Where was I?

I think you finished.

Oh. Right.

Furthermore, it is the birthright of every man (or woman).

Why don't you shut up about women Stan, you're putting us off.

Women have a perfect right to play a part in our movement Reg.

Why are you always on about women Stan?

I want to be one.


I want to be a woman.

From now on, I want you all to call me Loretta.


It's my right as a man.

But why do you want to be "Loretta", Stan?

I want to have babies.

You want to have babies?

It's every man's right to have babies if he wants them.

But...you can't have babies.

Don't you oppress me.

I'm not oppressing you Stan, you haven't got a womb.

Where is the fetus going to gestate? Are you going to keep it in a box?

Wait, I've got an idea. Suppose you agree that he can't actually have babies without having a womb, which is nobody's fault (not even the Romans) but that he can have the right to have babies.

Good idea Judith. We shall fight the oppressors for your right to have babies brother...sister, sorry.

What's the point!!??


What the point of fighting for his right to have babies when he can't have babies?

It is symbolic of our struggle against oppression.

Symbolic of his struggle against reality.

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