This Year's American Idol winner?

This week on ELLLO, Rebecca wishes that she could just pick up a guitar and sing. Here's a clip of David Cook, who got his first guitar when he was two, on a very popular singing contest in the US called American Idol. The song he sings sounds A LOT different than the version you have probably heard but do you remember who originally sang this song?

Click below to read the lyrics...

Welcome back to idol, we'll be opening up the lines in just a moment (viewers vote by phone for their favorite singer)
David Cook, what he looked like back in the day(a long time ago)

I was born December 20th, 1982 and I believe that makes me barely a Sagittarius. A lot of my family thinks I was a cute kid. I just thought I had a massive skull (big head) It was just unreal. I look like one of those super villains (bad guys) from Marvel comics or something. It was just, "uh!"

My family is very much into the whole photo op (photo opportunity) idea of raising a child. Really anything that you could think of that would look funny on a baby, they would put it on me and take photos.
I got my first guitar when I was 2.

I think he got it for Christmas and he would take his guitar and he would stand in the middle of the bed with his sunglasses and his tube socks and his short shorts and strum his guitar because he was a rock star.

Growing up, music was always readily available to me, but it was never something that was really forced upon me.
It was just kind of instilled in me early that that was something I just wanted to do.

With Chris Cornell's version of Billie Jean, here's David Cook.

She Was More Like A Beauty Queen From A Movie Scene
I Said Don't Mind, But What Do You Mean I Am The One
Who Will Dance On The Floor In The Round
She Said I Am The One Who Will Dance On The Floor In The Round

She Told Me Her Name Was Billie Jean, As She Caused A Scene
And Heads Turned With Eyes That Dreamed Of Being The One
Who Will Dance On The Floor In The Round

People Always Told Me Be Careful Of What You Do
And Don't Go Around Breaking Young Girls' Hearts
And Mother Always Told Me Be Careful Of Who You Love
And Be Careful Of What You Do Before The Lie Becomes The Truth

Billie Jean Is Not My Lover
She's Just A Girl Who Swears That I Am The One
But The Kid Is Not My Son
She Says I...
So Take My Strong Advice, Just Remember To Always Think Twice

Randy: Yo, yo. Alright dog. Check it out, baby. Check it out. David Cook, I've got to say, I think you're probably the most original, the most bold contestant we've ever had, and I'm telling you, that performance right there tonight on that joint (song) you just did, dude, you might be the one to win the whole lot (you might win everything). Hot! Hot, blazing molten hot baby!

Paula: I'm blown away (I'm amazed), I can't sit down because I've got to tell you how smart you are, how brave you are, and how willing you are to stretch the boundaries (you don't do what is safe and normal), and you do it right to the edge without going over. I think you are brilliant and I think you can beat this whole competition.

Simon: David, that was brave, I mean, it could have either been insane (crazy) or amazing and I have to tell you, it was amazing.

Takes a risk and scores, congratulations man, well done.

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